Chapter Four: The Holy City

The day was full by the time they reached the city’s outer edge. The sun beat down on their bare shoulders, and the last light of the Procession was fading in the sky above.

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Chapter Two: Blood and Water

The city had been beautiful, once. At planetfall, a millennium ago, Rabinadat was the capital of the world’s colonies. Now, both the city and the Attuned temple it housed were far from the height of their grandeur. The great Arken spires and towers had, for the most part, been torn down and re-purposed. As the light of the colonial days receded, the men and women of Rekem pulled their monuments down with them into the dirt.

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Chapter One: The Squinting Eyes of God

They ran, heedless, under the watching eyes of the stars. The wind rose up to meet them, filling their lungs with the cold, free air of the open plains. The whisper of grass flooded their ears, pushing the three men further and further from the gates and walls of Rabinadat. Hanging high above, the moon sent its gaze into the restless night, blanketing the sprawling land in silver and shadow.

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Two years before the boy would starve during the siege of Rospira, he watched a man wander in naked from the desert. It was that dawn, more clearly than any other, that he recalled in the hours before the hunger finally took him.

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